We are a company that offers solutions to specific technical problems. Our customers are our most important asset and in order to ensure their satisfaction we fully focus our attention on meeting their specific requirements and needs. Examining the existing setting and/or issue in detail we provide accurate solution by offering the right type of equipment, machine or parts they need.

Advans Ltd. was established in 2005 in Pazardzhik and our main activities consist in:

  • Manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning of standard and tailor made machines, equipment and whole technological lines, as well as providing warranty and post-warranty maintenance;
  • Manufacturing of small series or single pieces of medium-sized parts;
  • Repair of machines;
  • Providing tailor-made technical solutions or technical consultation

We operate in the field of:

  • Extraction and processing of aggregates (mining industry);
  • Municipal solid waste recycling (recycling industry);
  • Other areas according to the customer needs.

In the course of our activity we were certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and therefore we adopted quality and environmental policy.


Here you could find complete list of our products.